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The Advanced Computing Research Centre was established in 2013 by HEFCE and the University of Sheffield. We are a dedicated industry-facing research centre focused on fast forwarding technological research into business benefit by developing innovative products and services exploiting the knowledge base of The Department of Computer Science at The University of Sheffield in the key areas of Data and Text Analytics, Complex Simulation, Virtual Reality and Quality Assurance and Testing.

The Centre’s experienced academic and research staff carry out highly focused R&D projects addressing the many challenges facing businesses today. Delivering both ‘state of the art’ applications and tools of the latest research to the requirements of industrial partners along with the associated support and training.

Businesses large, small or medium can work with us on one off projects with life cycles of 2 months and up, or join us as a member for long term collaborations with a number of high profile companies.

We provide consultancy to businesses, and private and public organisations related to expertise of our academics. These services we offer are:

  • Projects
  • Consultancy
  • Bespoke Research

Some recent projects – more can be found here

Customer Preference
Analysing customer preferences and behaviour to enhance services for the supply of digital content.
Data Analysis
Data analysis for US Department of Defense
Virtual Reality
3D Immersive Station Environment for Network Rail
Data AnalyticsInferring meaning from information. Identifying  information, particularly from large data sources; internet, social media

Our Services

We simply want to make sure your company is getting the knowledge it needs. We want to help by placing our knowledge and research expertise into your company.

Knowledge and Experience

We have the knowledge and experience to deliver high quality software applications using the latest technological advances.


Technical consultancy. We work with our customers to deliver high quality, innovative and responsive solutions, meeting individual requirements.

High Performance Computing

We are experts in high performance computing, utilising the latest HPC and GPU technologies.

Big Data Analytics

We specialise in complex, real time data analysis from large scale disparate data sets and social media.

Comprehensive Testing Solutions

We develop robust testing support tools to simplify the development of robust, multi-platform systems.

Decision Support Systems

We develop decision support tools for predicting future events and consequences of changes in real time complex systems.



Big data – very large and dynamic sets consisting of both structured and unstructured data – are now pervasive and growing rapidly. The ACRC has tools and techniques that will enable your company to find hidden information in your data.


Complex Simulation

Working with in house developed simulation techniques and new generation modelling technology, we can provide complex simulation models in a large variety of areas. Decision support tools, predictive models, visualisation techniques and 3D environments, taking advantage of high performance computing.

Quality Assurance & Testing


Testing and quality assurance of software and devices in IT systems and their operational environment is a challenging area for most companies. As systems become more complex and more interconnected the problems become worse. We can provide techniques to automate that testing, assess and evaluate your system to help reduce your costs and improve your efficiency.

Using research to help resolve industry challenges fast!

Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.

Who we are working with

We have years of experience in research working alongside industry throughout the World.

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