Large-scale Simulation

CLoud Point Data Forest

Above is a Cloud Point Data 3D simulation of the the Jungle.

Large scale simulations produce large quantities of data, and presenting these data in a  way that can be  easily understood can be challenging. To address this challenge, we  specialise in producing high quality,  interactive 3D visualisations of both pregenerated  data sets and real time data from simulations. By  using the latest in virtual reality and  interactive devices, such as smart and augmented technology,  immersive headsets and  3D immersive environments, we can make it easy for people to visualise and  understand  their data.


  • 3D Large Scale Simulation of Complex Systems
  • Large and small scale simulations of complex  systems
  • Simulations of any domain or system
  • High performance computing using latest technologies (GRID, GPU, CUDA)
  • Complex interactions in 3D Artificial intelligence
  • Machine learning and intelligent system


These are simulations created for purposes rather than entertainment. The “serious” adjective is used to refer to a simulation product that has the engagement qualities of a game, including easy to use interaction modalities and interfaces, but it is used by industries such as defense, education and training, scientific exploration and complex system understanding, healthcare, emergency management, city planning transport planning, simulation of engineering processes, but also abstract concepts such as simulation of people beliefs, politics, ethical systems, sentiment and similar.

New techniques for highly detailed modelling of many complex systems can now be undertaken with new generation technology such as supercomputers and graphics engines, from crowd simulation to biological systems, with an impact in areas such as planning, construction, environment, medical research and economic policy. The socio-cognitive behaviour of individual people in complex environments can be modelled realistically and is a particularly powerful technology for many organisations.

Our technology is developed on the Flexible Large-scale Agent Modelling Environment (FLAME) framework, and also uses FLAME HPC and FLAME GPU. The agent-based modelling (ABM) framework has been developed via research at The University of Sheffield into the use of efficient and top of the range multi-platform implementations, from standalone applications up to High Performance Computing (HPC) and Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) platforms. The latter merges the modelling power of ABM with 3D graphics technology allowing very large-scale simulations with a massive number of agents to be visualised in real time in a 3D environment. The FLAME XML approach simplifies the task of specifying agent behaviour and hides the computational complexity of GPU programming.