Research & Innovation Conference: Accelerating Growth

5th Annual Research & Innovation Conference: Accelerating Growth, Stimulating UK Innovation

Date: Thursday 27th November 2014
Venue: etc Venues – Dexter House, Central London
Time: 08:30 – 16:30.



Research and innovation are at the heart of government strategy for promoting prosperity and growth. The UK’s research base is second in the world to the US for scientific excellence. Driving knowledge and development and exploitation of new technologies is central to the government’s Industrial Strategy.

Universities are a key component in positioning the UK as a key knowledge economy at the forefront of 21st century innovation. As centres of research excellence, they are key drivers of economic growth. They lay the foundation for further knowledge and wealth, and are a vital element in the development of economic growth, as outlined in the Witty Review.

Mind the Gap!

- , Research & Innovation.

Professor Mike Holcombe will be giving a talk entitled “Mind the Gap!” at 12:30pm

  • There is a gap between what industry needs and what university research can provide
  • Projects, funding mechanisms and culture prevent rapid university response to business need
  • New structures such as the ACRC can transform this
  • Computing and data are at the heart of almost all business activity
  • Big data and beyond – opportunities for all
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